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The Church of San Sebastiano (Madonna del Soccorso)

Not far from the town, along the internal road that connects San Vittore to the nearby town of San Pietro Infine (CE) stands the rural church of San Sebastiano, better known by the local population as Madonna del Soccorso.

The recently restored building is 11.95 meters long and 4.25 meters wide in the presbytery area and 4.54 meters in the entrance area. This difference is due to the greater thickness of the walls in the presbytery area for the support of the vault under which the altar was placed, now detached and placed to one side, which bears the date A.D. 1795.

On the back wall you can see a fresco divided into three parts in which you can see a Madonna and Child in the center, San Sebastiano on his left and San Giovanni Evangelista on his right. In the upper part, up to the vault, there are some figures of angels and on the corbels of the vault there are medallions depicting the four evangelists, one of whom unfortunately has completely disappeared.

All these paintings seem to date back to the 1500s but, probably, the church was built earlier. Some elements suggest it: a fresco on the right wall 1.50 meters high and 1.40 wide which seems to be of a completely different style and therefore of more ancient origin; a door surmounted by an archivolt on the external right wall, clearly medieval; the overlapping of different styles found in the entrance façade, with a door surmounted by an architrave and a rectangular window, up to the waving profile of the upper crown made of bricks that supports the sections of the disappeared bell tower.

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