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Media Aetas. A ten-year history.

"Media Aetas - Sancti Victoris" is a non-profit association that has been operating in the territory of San Vittore del Lazio since 2011. The idea, born in the second half of 2010, takes shape starting from February, also if the deed of incorporation was registered on April 21, 2011. The document through which "Media Aetas" was officially established was signed by the following founding members:




- Abronzini Grazia


- Casoni Livio


- Giuseppina Floriana Cassone


- Ciccomascolo Giuseppe


- Mascio Stefano


- Minchella Vincenzo


- Simeone Arturo


- Troia Fernando


- Vandra Paolo Vittorio




The first fulfillment of the newly formed Association was the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors and the foreseen offices. Casoni Livio was elected President and Troia Fernando Vice President. With this structure, the "Media Aetas" Association began its journey, up to the current composition of the governing bodies:


President: Casoni Livio


Vice President: D'Agostino Angelo


Secretary / Councilor: Abronzini Grazia






- Avella Martina


- Bucci Mauro


- Paolo Bucci


- Colacicco Gianni


- Gargano Giuseppe


- Mascio Giuseppina


- Rossi Lucio


- Vendittelli Iole


The association's logo consists of an "ogive" shield with the tip pointing downwards. A leader divides the shield symmetrically, generating two blue and white backgrounds respectively. On the blue part stands the facade of a stylized medieval manor; on the white part a knight in medieval armor with the spear held forward. On the top of the shield you can see the writing “Associazione Media Aetas”. At the base of the shield is the Latin inscription “Sancti Victoris”.


After the foreseeable initial difficulties, the Association has increasingly established itself as a reference point for non-profit associations in the area, establishing a frank and socially productive relationship with the institutions and all the social actors of our small community.


The objectives of the "Media Aetas - Sancti Victoris" Association, defined in its Statute, can be summarized as follows:


·        Promote a series of days dedicated to the middle age.

·     To carry out during the aforementioned days themed events that have life and customs in the Middle Ages as their guiding thread with particular attention to the history and artistic and cultural heritage of this strip of the Land of St. Benedict.

·        Encourage, during the holidays, the tasting and knowledge of food and wine and artisan products of the surrounding area.

·        Make sure that the days of celebration are a qualifying opportunity for the municipality of San Vittore del Lazio through targeted socialization purposes that take care of the presence and contact with San Vittore emigrants and residing abroad.

·        Pay particular attention to the historical-folkloristic aspect of the events.

·     Pursue objectives of social and educational solidarity through the transmission of our historical traditions to the new generations.

·        Implement the tourist accommodation of the municipality in which the association operates.



But beyond the canonical and statutory objectives, what should be emphasized is that "Media Aetas" will always be faithful to its spirit of reality "at the service" of the community for the improvement of the general conditions of social life in San Vittore del Lazio. Our motto is always summarized in art. 44 of the Statute [...] "In any case, those who intend to be part of it for political, party and profit-making purposes will always be excluded from the association".

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